Changes to EYG due to COVID Pandemic.

Hello Everyone.

As I’m sure you’re aware, sharing public spaces and being in a crowd isn’t really the best idea at the moment. Therefore EYG will not be open this week (save for Mothering Sunday roast pre-orders / collection – more on that to follow).

  • As of next week we will be providing take-away / collection for both Brunch and Evening meals. Food can be ordered directly through our website. I am currently designing a new menu and painstakingly adding all our food to an online catalogue! I don’t want to use deliveroo or uber eats because they take 30-35% of each sale… which means I would have to put the prices up even more!
  • Mothering Sunday: we will be making roasts available for collection on Sunday at either 1pm or 4pm, if you would like to order a roast please email me on, we have a limit of 20 per time slot.
  • Wriggle have very kindly set up an ‘Indie Kitty’ voucher system if you wish to support us through this closure time. Vouchers are between £5-£40 and the intention is that you will redeem them in the future, once we are allowed to have you the cafe again! If you are going to very kindly buy a voucher – thank you – it will most definitely help to scrape us through what is potentially an extremely risky time for our business. Your support means everything.

Much love,

Babs & Hywel

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