This weeks’ meals :)

Hullo hullo,

Another week of lockdown, another set of T/A options for you to choose from. Burger night has proved very popular again, so that’s just going to be a staple every weds from now on!

  • WEDNESDAY 22nd BURGER NIGHT / £15 / 5-8pm collections
  • FRIDAY 24th JACKBALLS & POMODORO SPAGHETTI / £15 / 5-8pm collections
  • SUNDAY 26th ROAST / £12 / 12-2pm , 4pm-6pm collections
  • SUNDAY BROWNIES! – i’ll be making some brownies on Sunday, so if you would like any of those, let me know when reserving your roast.


WEDNESDAY 22nd BURGER NIGHT: smoky sweet potato, roasted red onion and black bean burger with garlic aioli, tomato & chilli relish, crunchy lettuce, sliced tomato, cheeze, forest bakery bun (or GF, please make sure you specify), with a hearty side of handcut chips and creamy slaw.


FRIDAY 24th JACKBALLS & POMODORO SPAGHETTI: Jackfruit balls with pomodoro sauce, spaghetti (please specify if GF needed), vegan parmesan, garlic bread and a little side salad of mixed leaves.



Roast potatoes, cranberry & quinoa seed-roast, squash wedges, braised red cabbage, seasonal greens, maple glazed carrots*, with a beetroot & red onion gravy.

*depending on sesonal availability there’s usually some roast beetroot, and / or roasted swede/ parsnips in here too!



EMAIL with a relevant subject header.

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DO NOT ‘reply’ to this mailout as it’s a donotreply address and I won’t get your email!

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Have a good week – as much as we can at the moment anyway! Here’s a picture of a kitten to help get you through:

IMG-9727Babs x

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