EYG Meals this week :)


Hello all,

Apologies for the later-than-usual monday mailout – I’ve been chasing my tail all day (okay, I did play with the kittens for quite some time too…).

Thank you to all the support you all showed last week following me expressing some anxiety – I’m feeling much more energised and positive, largely thanks to you all. You’re amazing! <3

In addition, Chelle has decided they love interacting with you all too much to leave, so they will be back – after what was indeed a very brief haitus! hooray!


Weds 6th / BURGER NIGHT RETURNS! / £15 / 5-8pm collections

EYG sweet potato, roasted red onion & black bean burger in a Forest Bakery bun, with homemade relish & mayo, lettuce & tomato, a hearty handful of hand cut chips, and crunchy, creamy coleslaw. (ASK FOR GF BREAD if you need it)

Saturday 9th / CWTCH ROLL & CAKES / Various£ / 1-3pm collections 

I will be selling Cwtch rolls  (GF and regular), as well as slices of chocolate and beetroot cake, pear & ginger cake (refined sugar free) and brownies for collection today. You can specify to have the cwtch rolls frozen if you prefer, to bake at home. Just email with the quantities of the things you want and any GF needs etc.

Cakes are £3.50  a slice / Brownies = £3.75 / Cwtch rolls = £3

Sunday 10th / SUNDAY ROAST / £12 / 12-2pm, 4-6pm collections

Cranberry, quinoa & seed roast, roast potatoes, seasonal greens, maple glazed carrots, braised red cabbage & roasted swede. (I usually pop in some roasted beetroot too, if I have it)

Brownies available for today also, just add a note on your email, you can pay for them online too)


To book in for collection of any of the above food, email eygbristol@gmail.com – state a relevant subject line and a rough time you’d like to collect!

DO NOT reply to this mailout as its a donotreply address and I won’t get your order 🙁


Tshirt collections!

Thanks to those of you who bought an EYG tshirt! You can now collect them 🙂 This week, either on weds, saturday or sunday morning – just email me to arrange a time.


Next week / little tip off…

Next week I’ll be doing a Date Night Box, with canapes and special dishes, to share with a lockdown friend, lover, family member, pet… I’m very excited about this one as it’s pretty cute 😉


Kitten news! This kitten is so floofy, we are going to keep her and call her Ryan.


Take care, stay safe and hope you’re all ok.

Babs x

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