Eat Your Greens: meals this week :)

Hello all,

I hope you’re able to get some of the gorgeous sunshine today; I can’t believe how blue the sky is. I was up at 6am this morning to do a cake commission, then got a bit baked in the sun whilst frolicking in the garden – and fell asleep for 3 hours! This email is considerably late due to snoozing, whoops.

Due to the popularity of the ‘Goldie Box’ last saturday, I shall be doing it again this saturday. The asparagus is locally grown at Barley Wood (where I try to get as much of the EYG veg as possible) and is absolutely stunning.

There’s another Date Night Box this Friday, and of course the Roast as usual on sunday.

The Date Night box this week promises lots of locally grown seasonal veg & herbs, and presents a very ‘summery’ array of flavours.

As always, thank you so much for your supporting EYG in this trying time.

Babs x


FRIDAY 29th / DATE NIGHT BOX / For 2 sharers / £28 / Collections 5-8pm

Spiced squash, new potato & (vegan) feta vol-au-vents w/ coriander (ask for gf)

Socca with tomato, aubergine & thyme

Raw salad of shaved turnip & radish, asparagus, with a poppyseed dressing

Charred Broccoli with tahini sauce, lemon zest, rocket, sunflower seeds

Dark chocolate & lacuma truffles

(This menu contains soya [in the form of organic tofu]. Ask for GF pastry)


SATURDAY 30th / GOLDIE BOX / £8.50 / Collections 10am-1ishpm

Sourdough toast (or GF, please specify), Baked marinated tofu, asparagus, rocket, smoked carrot lox, seaweed caviar.


SUNDAY 31st / SUNDAY ROAST / £12 / Collections 12-2pm & 4-6pm

Roast potatoes, cranberry & quinoa seed-roast, squash wedges with crispy sage, braised red cabbage, seasonal greens, maple glazed carrots*, with a beetroot & red onion gravy.

*depending on availability there’s usually some roast beetroot or swede in here too 🙂

BROWNIES: Brownies are available every sunday now too! Just include how many you would like with your order (they’re £3.75 each)


To book any of the above please email! …don’t reply to this post as its a donotreply mailout thing. State a rough time you would like to collect and which meal you are opting for in the subject.


Right, here’s your kitten photo for the week – Ryan languishing on one of my costume dresses:



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