EYG Collection Meals this weekend!

Hello everyone,

This mailout is a day late – you aren’t imagining it! Yesterday was pretty bonkers busy… Odd to think that days can still be so hectic in this time of social distancing; however as I’m sure some of you know, when you run a business there’s never really any ‘off’ switch’!

Anyway, enough waffling from me, info on this weeks’ meals:

This Friday AND Saturday I will be doing Date Night Boxes, due to the overwhelming (in a lovely way!) requests for them over the past few weeks. A couple of people have expressed that they are wanting to buy for 1 or 3 people, and if that’s the case, please do email and we can sort something out. I can’t do that for every order though, as it will throw my quantities and costings out (to be transparent, which i like to be).

Sunday Roast will run as normal this week 🙂


FRIDAY 12th AND SATURDAY 13th! / DATE NIGHT BOX / For 2 sharers / £28 / Collections 5-8pm

Seasonal tempura veg with garlic aioli

chipotle cashew cheese with relish & crackers (please specify for GF crackers)

BBQ tempeh & tofu skewers

raw seasonal salad with a wholegrain vinaigrette

Mini Berry Cheesecakes with toasted seed & oat crust
(Please specify if you have any dietary requirements. Some of these dishes contain CASHEWS, and contains soya [in the form of organic tofu, tempeh & tamari])
(Some dishes may vary slightly… it depends on availability)


SUNDAY 15th JUNE / SUNDAY ROAST / £12 / Collections 12-2pm & 4-6pm

Roast potatoes, cranberry & quinoa seed-roast, squash wedges with crispy sage, braised red cabbage, seasonal greens, maple glazed carrots*, with a beetroot & red onion gravy.

*depending on availability there’s usually some roast beetroot or swede in here too 🙂

BROWNIES: Brownies are available every sunday now too! Just include how many you would like with your order (they’re £3.75 each)


To book in for collection of any of the above food, email eygbristol@gmail.com – state a relevant subject line and a rough time you’d like to collect!

DO NOT reply to this mailout as its a donotreply address and I won’t get your order 🙁


Yesterday we also rehomed Perla, which was emotional for us, but predominantly quite disconcerting for Vanjie. She’s getting lots of love and still has the floofball Ryan to fuss over so it’s not all bad, but she’s definitely confused. Today’s cat photo is actually my big bomper of a ginger tom, called Business Kitty… because he’s absolutely RIDICULOUS:



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