EYG update / meals


I’m sending this today as it was my birthday yesterday, and i didn’t want to spend the day working, haha!

Due to some plumbing and building works over the next week/ 10 days I won’t be doing any food this weekend (I will the following saturday and sunday though), so apologies about that! It’s unavoidable work that has to be done to ensure Sumear can move into the basement space and start up his new cheese cave. I’m also ‘refreshing’ front of house and myself, Elena & Milly are interviewing this week for a new staff member – it’s all veryyyy busy indeed. I’m also taking 5 days to get a bit of a ‘holiday’ in before we reopen in august, which will handily be during the time when the building work is happening downstairs.

I hope you all have good weeks,

Babs x

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