Dine in and Takeaways, and bank holiday opening hours!


I’ve been on a little camping trip to Dorset for a couple of days, hence the delay in the mailout. Ifor the dog came too, and thoroughly enjoyed spending 90% of his time outdoors, especially by the sea (photo later).


Meals this week for dining in are the usual Friday-Saturday day services (which you can also get as T/A), plus Friday supper club (two tables left for this week!) and the takeaway Date Night Box. The menu for the supper club changes every week and it’s a super cute, cosy night at EYG with a 4 or 5 course tasting menu.

Here’s the day menu, for those of you who might want to see:

Sunday roast is now fully booked for dine in, but is still available for T/A 🙂



Just email eygbristol@gmail.com to arrange collection time 🙂 – Pay on the door.


SUNDAY 30th AUGUST/ SUNDAY ROAST TAKEAWAY / £12 / Collections 12-2pm & 4-6pm

Roast potatoes, cranberry & quinoa seed-roast, squash wedges with crispy sage, braised red cabbage, seasonal greens, maple glazed carrots & roasted beetroot, with red onion gravy.



We will be open for brunch on bank holiday Monday, don’t forget to book for dine in as we have limited capacity (due to social distancing measures).


To book in for collection of any of the above food, email: eygbristol@gmail.com – state a relevant subject line and a rough time you’d like to collect!


DO NOT reply to this mailout as its a ‘donotreply’ address and I won’t get your order 🙁

ALSO! Our landline is busted at the moment so we aren’t able to receive calls, so email is for all bookings at the moment- or pop in and have a chat (with a face mask, of course!)

Have a great week everyone –

Babs (pic is of me and Ifor by the sea)

Fun fact: I’m actually very scared of waves 😱

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