✨🧅EYG meals this weekend🥦🍠

Evening all,

I’m going to put my xmas tree up tomorrow!🎄I very much need some twinkly lights and a reminder of positive times to look forward to, as I’m sure we all do.

Speaking of xmas: since we are Tier 3, I know that we won’t be able to open for dine-in for the foreseeable future. Therefore, I’ve got some collection plans underway – involving 🥧 mince pies and other festive sweet treats (all GF and vegan of course), 🧀 trialling recipes for an EYG cheese board (this is the most exciting for me!) 🧀 and meals for Christmas Day that will just need popping in your oven. Not sure how much call there is for this, but at least it’s keeping me entertained! So, watch this space 🙂

ANYWAY… this weeks’ Date Night Box is pretty banging! I’m very pleased with the options this week. Lots of flavour and local, seasonal veg for your enjoyment.

Saturday brunch remains for all your Hunky, Goldie Lox, Demi or Burger needs!

Sunday roast is slightly different this week, with collections from 3-6pm only. Normal service resumes next week.

Babs x

SATURDAY 5th DECEMBER / BRUNCH / 10am-1.30pm collections

Demi Beasty (£7) garlic mushrooms, 1 sos, 1 hash brown, sourdough or GF AT toast, roasted tomato, crispy tofu, baked beans and sauteed seasonal greens.

Goldie Lox (£8) Carrot ‘Lox’, marinated & baked tofu wedge, fresh rocket, avocado, sourdough or GF toast (50p extra for seaweed caviar)

The Hunk (£8.50) Pan fried King Oyster mushroom, marinated & baked tofu wedge, wilted spinach, avocado, sourdough or GF bread

EYG Burger (£9.50) (smoky sweet potato & black bean burger, garlic aioli, onion relish, tomato, lettuce in a Forest Bakery bun)  with side salad


SUNDAY 6th DECEMBER / SUNDAY ROAST / £12 / Collections 3-6

Roast potatoes, cranberry & quinoa seed-roast, locally grown squash wedge, braised red cabbage, seasonal greens, maple glazed carrots, roasted beetroot, & red onion gravy.


CAULI CHEESE: £3.50 / portion

BROWNIES: £3.75 / each


To book in for collection of any of the above food, email: eygbristol@gmail.com – state a relevant subject line, what your order is and a rough time you’d like to collect, so we can organise a slot for you.

DO NOT reply to this mailout as its a ‘donotreply’ address and I won’t get your order!

Festive tacos 🌮 made for forthcoming Bristol Life magazine feature

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