🌱 EYG Weekend food collections πŸ’š

Morning all,

I hope you’re all managing to get through the week thus far despite the rain, wind and general ‘January malaise’. I’ve been cheering myself up by drinking different teas! Even though it’s a small thing to do, it’s rather exciting. Anyway, enough about tea, and on to this week’s food πŸ˜ƒ

Friday night is as usual, Date Night for 2 (or 1!), featuring mini puff pastry pies, breaded celeriac escalopes and not one, but TWO different puddings for your delectation. Nom.

Hunks & Goldie Lox are back on for Saturday daytime – and Sunday roast is as usual, faithfully waiting to warm your bellies at the end of the week.

Take care, and please do enjoy the floofy cat picture I have attached. (In case you are new to the mailouts, Ryan was one of the kittens born in my wardrobe during Lockdown 1. There are many photos of them being divine little things in the earlier blog posts!)

Babs x

PS. Please do not hit ‘reply’ directly to this email as it is a ‘donotreply’ address. email EYGBRISTOL@GMAIL.COM to place your order.


🧑 DATE NIGHT BOX πŸ’› / Β£29 FOR 2 SHARING – Β£15 SINGLE PORTION BOX / FRIDAY 22nd JANUARY / 5-8pm collection slots

🟑 Mini puff pastry pies – layered roasted sweet potato, beetroot, leek & greens (please specify for GF pastry)

🟑 Jackfruit balls with a smoky sofrito sauce

🟑 Crunchy celariac escalopes

🟑 Spicy potato wedges

🟑 Mango & Passionfruit Cashew Cheesecake (n), Chocolate tart (s) (1 of each, if single DNB please specify preference)


All Vegan & GF πŸ’š / Please advise of any allergies or intolerances πŸ™‚

(Se) = sesame (s) soya (n) = nuts (m) = mustard


🌱 SATURDAY 23rd JANUARY / BRUNCH / 10am-1pm collections 🌱

Goldie Lox (Β£8) Carrot β€˜Lox’, marinated & baked tofu wedge, fresh rocket, avocado, sourdough or GF toast (50p extra for seaweed caviar) (s)

The Hunk (Β£8.50) Pan fried King Oyster mushroom, marinated & baked tofu wedge, wilted spinach, avocado, sourdough or GF bread (s)


🍽 SUNDAY 24th JANUARY / SUNDAY ROAST / Β£12 / Collections 12.30-2pm & 4-6pm πŸ₯”

Roast potatoes, cranberry & quinoa seed-roast, locally grown squash wedge, braised red cabbage, seasonal greens, maple glazed carrots & parsnips, roasted beetroot, red onion gravy.


πŸ§€ CAULI CHEESE πŸ§€ : Β£3.50 / portion. (S)

To book in for a collection slot of any of the above food, email: eygbristol@gmail.com – state a relevant subject line, what you would like and a rough time you’d like to collect!

(DO NOT β€˜REPLY’ DIRECTLY TO THIS EMAIL. It’s a β€˜donotreply’ address and I won’t get your order)

Ryan 😍

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