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Hello all,

Below is a low-down on T/A food, supper clubs, other news 🙂

I’ve had to write a ‘post-re-opening post’ because there simply wasn’t time to do it beforehand. Our re-opening weekend was absolutely bonkers… in a good way! Thank you to all of you who wished us well, came and had some food with us or simply sent us positive vibes through the ether, haha! 😀


Date Night Boxes / Supper Club

A few enquiries came through regarding the continuation of the Date Night Boxes. I absolutely loved doing those for you over lockdown, yet the sad reality of the matter is that logistically it isn’t possible… at least not as things are now. I don’t want to disappoint anyone, so this causes me some anxiety as I know some people have expressed that they’d like the T/As to continue.❤️

As a lot of you know, the kitchen is domestic, which means I cook everything with a domestic two-shelf oven, 4 [absolutely useless] induction hobs and one portable hob, plus two small fryers. It takes me an entire day on a thursday (8am – 6.30/7pm) to prep the food for the Supper Club friday night, as well as bake cakes etc for friday daytime / for on the counter. If I was to run two menus, I would need another whole day! which I don’t have.

Moving forwards I am looking to replace the oven with a proper catering one, which should make a difference, but as lockdown was so hard on the bank balance, that investment is a while off yet.

Friday Supper Club Set tasting menu

Supper clubs are every friday, and are a set, dine-in tasting menu. They’re £29pp for 4 courses, and £32pp with dessert. This is a really intimate dining experience – and a great opportunity to try some diverse and creative vegan dishes using some of the best locally sourced, seasonal produce around.

The menu for the next three weeks is:

Nettle and black truffle soup, white comfrey leaf tempura

Carrot & beetroot tartare, avocado, pickled watermelon (s)

Turnip escalopes, roasted garlic & dill aioli, sauteed turnip leaves (s)

Braised tempeh, duchess potato, garlic scapes, porcini-bordelaise sauce (s)

Roasted rhubarb, vanilla ice cream, pickled cow parsley (s*)

Everything is vegan and gluten free

(s) contains soya, in the form of tamari, or fresh locally made tempeh (s*) ice cream contains soya, alternative available

Sunday Roasts

Sunday Roasts will still be available for T/A as well as dine-in, for those of you who are wondering! These will be available by pre-booking via email (eygbristol@gmail.com) like in lockdown, in the same sittings (12.30-2 / 4-6).

Outdoor Canopy

We have a brand new outdoor canopy so you’re not as exposed to the elements this year! I’m sure some of you have seen this walking past. For those of you not comfortable with indoor dining, you’re more than welcome to book a table for brunch or sunday roast at one of the tables outside (weather permitting!)

That’s all for now folks,

Thank you again for your support over the last year – you’re GREAT!

Babs x

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