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Meals this coming week (27th April onwards), and yes, of course: more kitten news

Hello hello,

I’ve always been transparent with our customers, as I think the world is a better place with honesty and openness.  This week I am feeling a little overwhelmed with worry about the future and sustainability of EYG as we continue this bizarre way of life.

My amazing friend, and front of house volunteer, Chelle (some of you may have met them when collecting your food during the last 3 weeks) won’t be helping out anymore due to other commitments, so I’m doing it all on my tod from now on. As you can imagine, that’s quite an epic workload for one person!

As a result of these things, I will only be running two meals this week as I try to manage my anxiety levels whilst maintaining trade and ensuring your bellies are nurtured.

On that note, as I’m by myself, when you come to the door to collect your food you’ll need to just give me a little shout – as I’ll most likely be darting around the kitchen like a wild-eyed horse.

  • FRIDAY 1st MAY / CURRY NIGHT / £15 / 5-8pm collections
  • SUNDAY 3rd MAY / SUNDAY ROAST / £12 / 12-2pm, 4-6pm collections


Friday 1st May / CURRY NIGHT / £15 / 5-8pm collections / roast squash & butterbean curry, red lentil dal with beetroot and caramelised onions, onion pakoras & rice. This is gluten free, nut free and of course, vegan.

Sunday 3rd May / SUNDAY ROAST / £12 / 12-2pm, 4-6pm collections / roast potatoes, cranberry, seed & quinoa roast, caramelised carrots, braised red cabbage, seasonal greens, roasted squash wedge, red onion & beetroot gravy. There’s also usually either some roasted beetroot or swede as a cheeky extra too! GF / vegan


To book either of the above please email with a relevant subject header, and a rough idea of the time you’d like to collect.

DO NOT REPLY to this mailout, as its a ‘donotreply’ address and I won’t get your email.


*Kittens!* Content Warning: kittens are at optimum cuteness level and thus, you may cry when you see this photo.

This week they all escaped from the kitten room, and I discovered Perla under our bed. Then the others were found crawling around under there too. Here is Perla immediately after discovery:


Take care!

Babs x

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This weeks’ meals :)

Hullo hullo,

Another week of lockdown, another set of T/A options for you to choose from. Burger night has proved very popular again, so that’s just going to be a staple every weds from now on!

  • WEDNESDAY 22nd BURGER NIGHT / £15 / 5-8pm collections
  • FRIDAY 24th JACKBALLS & POMODORO SPAGHETTI / £15 / 5-8pm collections
  • SUNDAY 26th ROAST / £12 / 12-2pm , 4pm-6pm collections
  • SUNDAY BROWNIES! – i’ll be making some brownies on Sunday, so if you would like any of those, let me know when reserving your roast.


WEDNESDAY 22nd BURGER NIGHT: smoky sweet potato, roasted red onion and black bean burger with garlic aioli, tomato & chilli relish, crunchy lettuce, sliced tomato, cheeze, forest bakery bun (or GF, please make sure you specify), with a hearty side of handcut chips and creamy slaw.


FRIDAY 24th JACKBALLS & POMODORO SPAGHETTI: Jackfruit balls with pomodoro sauce, spaghetti (please specify if GF needed), vegan parmesan, garlic bread and a little side salad of mixed leaves.



Roast potatoes, cranberry & quinoa seed-roast, squash wedges, braised red cabbage, seasonal greens, maple glazed carrots*, with a beetroot & red onion gravy.

*depending on sesonal availability there’s usually some roast beetroot, and / or roasted swede/ parsnips in here too!



EMAIL with a relevant subject header.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

DO NOT ‘reply’ to this mailout as it’s a donotreply address and I won’t get your email!

. . . . . . . . . . .

Have a good week – as much as we can at the moment anyway! Here’s a picture of a kitten to help get you through:

IMG-9727Babs x

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This week’s T/A meals (and kittens update, of course)

Hello all – I hope you’ve had an alright week – personally the sunshine has been very helpful for my optimism levels. Following on from that, I am doing FOUR takeaways this week!

  • SUNDAY 19th SUNDAY ROAST (of course, I’ll never stop)

BURGER NIGHT / £15 / 5pm-8pm collections

Black bean, roasted sweet potato & red onion burger, in a forest bakery bun (or GF, please make sure to request GF if needed), with harissa pineapple relish, homemade mayo, violife cheese, oakleaf lettuce, tomato, hand cut chips and creamy coleslaw.

(No free drinks this week as I’ve run all my stocks down!)

TAPAS FOR TWO / £25 / 5pm-8pm collections

I thought I would do something special for friday night- whether you share this with a family member, friend or lover, this is a takeaway for 2 people! (apologies that I cannot split the dishes, they are designed to feed a pair).  This will consist of:

patatas bravas / mixed olives / crispy banana blossom with garlic aioli / tortilla / espinacas con garbanzos (contains ALMONDS)

SATURDAY BREAKFAST / £9 / 10am-1pm collections

After the success of last weeks’ breakfast, I’m going to do it all again!

You get: two shroomdogs / a very generous portion of tofu hash with mushroom, broccoli & wild garlic / balsamic roasted tomato / hash brown / Forest Bakery sourdough (or GF, please specify if needed!) / baked beans.

EYG SUNDAY ROAST / £12 / 12pm-2pm and 4pm-6pm collections

It’s my favourite thing to make, and I’m very happy you all seem to still want it, even if it’s a takeaway. It’s all GF & nut free too.

Quinoa, cranberry & seed roast / roast potatoes / braised red cabbage / maple glazed carrots / braised red cabbage / seasonal greens / beetroot & red onion gravy

…there’s usually some bonus roasted beetroot and/ or roasted swede thrown in too 😉


Please EMAIL to book any of the above

****please DO NOT purchase on the website before we have arranged collection via email first.***


I am trying to keep the cost to you down as much as possible as I know we are all struggling at the moment, yet I have to break even to keep the cafe going, so I hope you feel that the pricing is fair <3

Thank you so much for your support, it means so much to me, and for the future of EYG.

Babs x



They’re two weeks old and have all opened their eyes now! You can’t see that in this photo however, as they’re a’cuddlin like little spoons:


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More T/A this week, plus sunday roast info & saturday breakfast

Happy Monday everyone, I hope the sunshine is bringing you some cheer in these bizarre times.


  • Weds 8th April: Another BURGER NIGHT… Based on the success of last week’s burger night, I’ll be doing another one this WEDNESDAY.  GF buns available upon request. (EYG burger, homemade mayo and pineapple harissa relish, forest bakery bun, lettuce, tomato, vegan cheese, chips & creamy coleslaw.) You’ll also have a free drink: the choice between a stout, an ipa, a red ale, or an organic karma cola (dependant on availability, you make your choice at the door) £16 / collections from 5-8pm
  • Saturday 11th April: BREAKFAST: I’ll be doing breakfast, involving shroomdogs, hash brown, tofu scramble (with mushrooms, broccoli, spinach & smoked paprika), roast tomato, baked beans & sourdough / gf toast. £9 / collections from 10am-1pm
  • Sunday 12th April: (Easter Sunday) SUNDAY ROASTS will be back again this week – and interest has been high, so get your email in and we can book you a collection spot asap. Just need to stress again that I have a very small kitchen, hence the limit on the number of roasts I can make – I am pushing it to maximum capacity, I assure you! £12 / collections from 12-2pm , 4-6pm

To book any of the above PLEASE EMAIL – with a relevant subject line 

(Next week I’ll be doing a vegan TAPAS night! More info on that to come next monday.)

A lot of the wholesalers such as Essential are choosing to not supply cafes, only shops at the moment, due to demand – so this does have an impact on what I’m able to get / do. I’m doing my best to get yummy things out, and trying to keep the cafe scraping by as we navigate this pandemic together. As always, I’m super grateful for your support – thank you <3

Babs x


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T/A news and more (also, kittens!)

Hullo! I hope you’re all keeping safe and well.

  • This week I decided to do a few theme nights – Thursday is burger night, and Friday is ‘sticky fingers’ night; these were advertised on social media and sold out in 3 hours, so I shall definitely be doing more next week! Keep your eyes on the EYG facebook and instagram for timely info.
  • Sunday roasts will be every sunday. If you would like to book in for this week please email so we can arrange a collection time for you. It’s filling up fast already!
  • Breakfast / brunch will also be featuring next week, however this will be different to the usual menu, mainly because of supply issues. So far I can tell you that Cwtch rolls will be making an appearance, and also as a breakfast option there will be a tofu hash (chunky tofu, smoked paprika, broccoli, red onion, spinach, and so forth) with forest bakery sourdough [or gf bread].


Some of you may know that our cat Vanjie was expecting; she gave birth on saturday to three beautiful little babies… in my wardrobe! This was a really beautiful thing for us in our home, especially in the current climate. So i just wanted to share a little bit of our joy with you 🙂



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Thanks to everyone for your support :)

I just wanted to say a very emphatic and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us through kind, compassionate emails, messages, advice, calls;  and to everyone who has bought a voucher through Wriggle’s Indie Kitty campaign (see more at: Wriggle Bristol ) that you can redeem at the cafe when we are back in ‘normal’ times!

As with most people, my week began with a surge of despair and panic… but now, thanks to the overwhelming support you are all showing for EYG, we are starting to piece things together and carve out a way forward.

  • As of Thursday 26th March, we will be offering takeaway / collection brunches and evening meals, you can order on the website or over the phone. I have decided not to use delivery services such as deliveroo / uber eats because there is a hefty joining fee, plus commision of 35% – and I don’t want to charge customers extortionate prices, especially at a time like this!
  • Hopefully we will be setting up a limited delivery service the week after, for people’s lunches and evening meals.
  • Tomorrow’s Mothering Sunday Roast has sold out – thank you all so much! I hope you will enjoy it 🙂 Just to reassure you, all the packaging is either compostable or recyclable (and also you can pop it in the microwave, if you do that.)
  • TSHIRTS! The extremely talented Berwyn Mure has designed an EYG tshirt for us, which we will be taking pre-orders for on the website next week. You can collect in person when they arrive in 7 weeks’ time, or we can ship to you for a little extra. It’s such a beautiful design – we hope you like it, and if you buy one, wear it with tons of pride knowing you have supported your local vegan cafe <3

That’s all my updates for now.

Love, Babs

PS… here’s a sneaky peek at the tshirt design:


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Changes to EYG due to COVID Pandemic.

Hello Everyone.

As I’m sure you’re aware, sharing public spaces and being in a crowd isn’t really the best idea at the moment. Therefore EYG will not be open this week (save for Mothering Sunday roast pre-orders / collection – more on that to follow).

  • As of next week we will be providing take-away / collection for both Brunch and Evening meals. Food can be ordered directly through our website. I am currently designing a new menu and painstakingly adding all our food to an online catalogue! I don’t want to use deliveroo or uber eats because they take 30-35% of each sale… which means I would have to put the prices up even more!
  • Mothering Sunday: we will be making roasts available for collection on Sunday at either 1pm or 4pm, if you would like to order a roast please email me on, we have a limit of 20 per time slot.
  • Wriggle have very kindly set up an ‘Indie Kitty’ voucher system if you wish to support us through this closure time. Vouchers are between £5-£40 and the intention is that you will redeem them in the future, once we are allowed to have you the cafe again! If you are going to very kindly buy a voucher – thank you – it will most definitely help to scrape us through what is potentially an extremely risky time for our business. Your support means everything.

Much love,

Babs & Hywel