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T/A news and more (also, kittens!)

Hullo! I hope you’re all keeping safe and well.

  • This week I decided to do a few theme nights – Thursday is burger night, and Friday is ‘sticky fingers’ night; these were advertised on social media and sold out in 3 hours, so I shall definitely be doing more next week! Keep your eyes on the EYG facebook and instagram for timely info.
  • Sunday roasts will be every sunday. If you would like to book in for this week please email so we can arrange a collection time for you. It’s filling up fast already!
  • Breakfast / brunch will also be featuring next week, however this will be different to the usual menu, mainly because of supply issues. So far I can tell you that Cwtch rolls will be making an appearance, and also as a breakfast option there will be a tofu hash (chunky tofu, smoked paprika, broccoli, red onion, spinach, and so forth) with forest bakery sourdough [or gf bread].


Some of you may know that our cat Vanjie was expecting; she gave birth on saturday to three beautiful little babies… in my wardrobe! This was a really beautiful thing for us in our home, especially in the current climate. So i just wanted to share a little bit of our joy with you 🙂



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Thanks to everyone for your support :)

I just wanted to say a very emphatic and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us through kind, compassionate emails, messages, advice, calls;  and to everyone who has bought a voucher through Wriggle’s Indie Kitty campaign (see more at: Wriggle Bristol ) that you can redeem at the cafe when we are back in ‘normal’ times!

As with most people, my week began with a surge of despair and panic… but now, thanks to the overwhelming support you are all showing for EYG, we are starting to piece things together and carve out a way forward.

  • As of Thursday 26th March, we will be offering takeaway / collection brunches and evening meals, you can order on the website or over the phone. I have decided not to use delivery services such as deliveroo / uber eats because there is a hefty joining fee, plus commision of 35% – and I don’t want to charge customers extortionate prices, especially at a time like this!
  • Hopefully we will be setting up a limited delivery service the week after, for people’s lunches and evening meals.
  • Tomorrow’s Mothering Sunday Roast has sold out – thank you all so much! I hope you will enjoy it 🙂 Just to reassure you, all the packaging is either compostable or recyclable (and also you can pop it in the microwave, if you do that.)
  • TSHIRTS! The extremely talented Berwyn Mure has designed an EYG tshirt for us, which we will be taking pre-orders for on the website next week. You can collect in person when they arrive in 7 weeks’ time, or we can ship to you for a little extra. It’s such a beautiful design – we hope you like it, and if you buy one, wear it with tons of pride knowing you have supported your local vegan cafe <3

That’s all my updates for now.

Love, Babs

PS… here’s a sneaky peek at the tshirt design:


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Changes to EYG due to COVID Pandemic.

Hello Everyone.

As I’m sure you’re aware, sharing public spaces and being in a crowd isn’t really the best idea at the moment. Therefore EYG will not be open this week (save for Mothering Sunday roast pre-orders / collection – more on that to follow).

  • As of next week we will be providing take-away / collection for both Brunch and Evening meals. Food can be ordered directly through our website. I am currently designing a new menu and painstakingly adding all our food to an online catalogue! I don’t want to use deliveroo or uber eats because they take 30-35% of each sale… which means I would have to put the prices up even more!
  • Mothering Sunday: we will be making roasts available for collection on Sunday at either 1pm or 4pm, if you would like to order a roast please email me on, we have a limit of 20 per time slot.
  • Wriggle have very kindly set up an ‘Indie Kitty’ voucher system if you wish to support us through this closure time. Vouchers are between £5-£40 and the intention is that you will redeem them in the future, once we are allowed to have you the cafe again! If you are going to very kindly buy a voucher – thank you – it will most definitely help to scrape us through what is potentially an extremely risky time for our business. Your support means everything.

Much love,

Babs & Hywel